I am a multi-disciplinary designer, whose professional background lies in graphic and industrial design.

As a communications designer, I have experience producing newsletters, reports, promotional materials for events, brochures and marketing collateral for a variety of clients. I believe in implementing clear and consistent communication strategies, which best reflect my clients and their business.

My skills include branding, print graphics, illustration, CAD/3D Design, art direction, design for web, product development and project management. I have a breadth of professional experience and thrive on applying my creative vision to every step of the design process. Comfortable managing projects, liaising with clients, stakeholders and suppliers and delivering outcomes to an extremely high standard.

I’m involved with community arts projects and was recently part of a proposal to design and create a multi‑panelled metal refuse enclosure for Islington Council and Transport for London, composed of silhouetted steel shapes and forms co-created by artists and local community. For the last two years I have been collaborating with electronic engineers at Queen Mary University of London to develop an interactive experiential art installation called SHOAL, a sensorial display of a sea of fish that responds to touch.


Print and web publication, product/industrial design, lighting and furniture design, graphic arts, photography, materials and manufacturing, problem solving

Adobe Creative Suite, SolidWorks, Rhino, Microsoft Office, WordPress, CNC, laser cutting, wood and metal working