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Shoal Light Pattern Diagram
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Fish at St Pauls
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SHOAL is an amazing display of a sea of fish that responds to touch, as individual fish light up and move, before spreading colour, light and motion through the entire SHOAL.

How does it work?

Made using new technology, including 3D printing, each fish is self-contained with battery power, sensors, motor, and wireless transceivers. The sensors tell the fish which direction it is facing, whether it has been touched, and how far and how fast it is moving. The fish can then tell their friends what’s happening and the motor means all the fish can swim in the same direction, or turn to face someone who has come to play.

There will be between 50 and 70 fish swimming at any one time, depending on the space that is being filled. They are designed to be placed either in the natural environment (fields or woods), where the sticks will go directly into the ground, or in an urban environment where the fish will be suspended from an aluminium framework.